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"The stage of NH is the world.
We'll satisfy our customers' needs with high technology and a spirit of challenge."
Thank you very much for visiting our NH fishing.
NH fishing, which started in 2008 as a “恩惠渔具”, started to OEM manufacturing,develop its own
fishing rods in 2015.
As a result of the satisfaction of many customers with high quality and affordable prices, the company
was selected as a top export company in China in 2018.
Along with the development of the global fishing industry, NH fishing developing as well too.
NH fishing is confident that it can satisfy the customer's needs because bold R&D investment and has
high technology and high level of development in accordance with global market trends.
In the future, I will not be satisfied with the present, but I will strive to become the best fishing company
with endless development and challenge.
In addition, I will strive to become a company loved by customers and society.
Thank you for loving and caring for my NH fishing.
We hope will develop with customers and meet at the top.